SUPER-IRON STUDENT WORKSHOP (May 5th–6th, 2013) in Bad Schandau (Saxony Switzerland)

A PhD student workshop, related to the investigation of Iron based superconductors, 
will take place in Bad Schandau (Saxony Switzerland) May 5th – 6th 2013.
The workshop is aimed at European and Japanese PhD students working on Fe-based SC’s, and will give them the opportunity of a first hand experience of international communication.

The application deadline is 31/03/2013.

Documentation necessary to apply is:

  1. indication of the type of presentation chosen (oral or poster);
  2. abstract of the presentation.

Accommodation expenses will be paid by the School Organization, while the travel expenses must be footed by the participants.

The oral presentation will last 15 min + 5 min discussion, while the poster presentations will be organized in 1 session.

Reference contacts:

Local organization:

Silja Dubiel IFW Dresden - S.Schumann@ifw-dresden.de

Scientific Coordination:

Fabian Nitsche LMU Muenchen - fabian.nitsche@cup.uni-muenchen.de

European PartnersJapanese Partners


Super IronBased on the Exchange of Letters, JST and EC DG RTD have agreed to establish a new scheme for coordinated funding of Japanese-EU coordinated research projects (see European Community press release IP/09/1844). After consultations between JST and EC DG RTD, “Superconductivity” has been selected as the field of research for the coordinated funding scheme.