SUPER-IRON Final meeting - Tokyo (Japan) March, 10th-11th 2015

As the final meeting of Super Iron, a EU-Japan joint workshop on Iron-Based Superconductors has been scheduled, which has  been  open also to external participation. It has therefore been decided to hold it with the other twinned project that dealt with Fe-based SC, i.e. IRON-SEA.

According the natural venue alternation, the final Joint General Assembly was due to be organized in Japan. Therefore the Japanese Project coordinator, Prof. Jun-ichi Shimoyama, has been joined by his counterpart in IRON-SEA, Prof. Hiroshi Ikuta, in the organization of the workshop, which has been held at the Japanese Science and Technology Agency Tokyo Headquarters on March 10th-11th, 2015.




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Super IronBased on the Exchange of Letters, JST and EC DG RTD have agreed to establish a new scheme for coordinated funding of Japanese-EU coordinated research projects (see European Community press release IP/09/1844). After consultations between JST and EC DG RTD, “Superconductivity” has been selected as the field of research for the coordinated funding scheme.